Driving Lessons in Swords

Driving Lessons in Swords

Driving Lessons in Swords from €29.99 in the New Petrol Driven Toyota Yaris Manual & Automatic Cars at AdvantageDS.


Driving Lessons in Swords.

Automatic and Manual Car Tuition.


At Advantage Driving School we offer Car Driving Lessons in Swords.

We train:

New drivers who are starting to drive and pre-test lessons to enable you to pass your driving test.

With over 25 years of experience in teaching a range of people to drive and instruct. We offer a range of Driving Lessons in Swords; Advantage driving school can be “Your Road to Success” in a number of driving disciplines.

Beginners and Nervous Pupils.

We cater for Beginners and Nervous pupils, Pre-test lessons for people preparing for the Local Driving Test. Pupils undergoing their EDT driving lessons in Dublin 17 or any other part of Dublin.


With driving lessons in Swords, Advantage Driving School can teach pupils in our petrol driven dual controlled Toyota Yaris Manual & Automatic Cars or in the pupils own car.


Our lessons are full 1 hour lessons, 7 days a week, with driving lessons in Swords


Your instructor at Advantage Driving School with driving lessons in Swords, are Road Safety Authority approved ADI instructors.

Discounts on Lessons

We can arrange a discount on a block of 5 or 10 lessons and if you buy a block of 10 lessons Advantage Driving School can spread the payment into 3 payments of 100 Euro, when doing driving lessons in Swords.

20% Discounts on Insurance.

When you have completed 10 lessons Advantage Driving School with driving lessons in Swords will supply you with a certificate for an insurance discount of 20%.

Gift Tokens

Advantage Driving School can give you the same great discounts on price when you buy one of our e-Gift Tokens with driving lessons in Swords.

Pre-Test Specialists.

Advantage Driving School aim for a 100% pass rate and are committed to ensuring that we teach all our pupils everything they need to know to help them pass their driving test. We provide a test sheet on your pre-test lesson to evaluate what you need to do to pass the driving test. We use teaching aids in car, with road plan diagrams and small wipe boards to explain all the details of test world driving.

Test routes covered.

At Advantage Driving School we can cover and meet you any test route for your driving lessons or your pre-test course of lessons.

Vehicle supplied for test

Advantage Driving School can supply you with new model, petrol driven, Toyota Yaris Manual & Automatic Cars to use to do your driving test complete with insurance.

We train:

Instructors in the skills required to teach people to drive.

Company drivers a range of skills with defensive and correct driving skills required to minimise costs, improve safety and reduce damage to company car and vans.

Chauffeur Driving Lessons in Swords in manual and automatic cars and limousines for individuals to gain employment in the Chauffeur Drive business.

Details of our Driving Lessons in Swords

Costs of Driving Lessons in Swords.

20% Discount on Insurance.

We also can arrange a certificate when you take 10 lessons which will reduce your insurance by 20% with our insurance partner.


At Advantage Driving School with our Driving Lessons in Swords “OUR AIM IS A 100% PASS RATE” and to this end if you do not pass your driving test after a course of lessons we will pay your next driving test fee*. YES WE WILL PAY FOR YOUR NEXT DRIVING TEST.*

Driving Lessons in Swords for Chauffeur Drive applicants click here. We can train Chauffeurs to a top level of service and offer a placement with Triple A Chauffeur in Dublin.

To Contact us for Driving Lessons in Swords Click here.

* (Subject to terms and conditions and availability)

For Driving Lessons in Swords click info@advantageds.com to e-mail us.   01 843 91 69 or 087 310 00 00

E-Mail: info@advantageds.ie

* (Subject to terms and conditions and availability)

Driving Lessons in Swords click here to e-mail us.   01 843 91 69 or 087 310 00 00 E-Mail: info@advantageds.ie

Of course we do lessons in most areas in Dublin this is the Driving Lessons in Swords page.

Contact Denise for Driving Lessons in Swords.

Driving Lessons in Swords

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Driving Lessons in Swords